Blackout Curtains Ideas For 2020

Are you tired of the present boring look of your bedroom, living room or nursery area? Want to get a different new look but at the same time don’t time you do not want to make any significant changes? Start by changing the curtains, select the curtains of suitable fabric, style and texture that completely fits the interior of your place.

Curtains not only enhance the beauty of the place but offer many advantages, blocking out all the light and maintenance of temperature is one of them. Blackout curtains serve in this manner, they not only block the light from all sources but prevents the sounds from getting in and out, making your sleep go uninterrupted and sound.

These curtains are most for the conference rooms, where you need privacy and silence. One of the surprising features of these curtains is, “the energy-saving properties”. 

How to find suitable blackout curtains?

The very first step is to know various styles, functions and trends of these curtains. Let’s start with the curtains header styles, there exist four different types which include: 

  • Perforated curtain headers: in this type of curtains the fabric is winded in the rings for the installation purpose.  
  • The rod pocket curtains: these curtains have an opening for proper installation.
  • Tab top curtains: these curtains are hung from the rod by loops.
  • Pinch pleats curtains: these curtains give a frilled and heavy look because they are pinched at the top.
  • Pencil pleat curtains: these curtains offer a streamlined shape and create an effect of fullness. 

Blackout curtains are lined with different fabrics, suitable lining enhances the properties and features of the curtains, therefore it must be selected carefully. 

Installation of blackout curtains:

Another important factor that can’t be overlooked is the installation of curtains. For an ideal blackout, use blinds or layered curtains. Add these blinds on the outside edging of the window, hanging can also be used at both sides to block the light further. You can lace up the curtains from edged to create a chic look.

Types of blackout curtains:

Blackout curtains are available in different types and styles. Here is a list of famous types available.

  • Blackout lined curtains 

Blackout lined curtains are made of polyester, which enhances the strength and durability of these curtains due to its elastic properties.

  • Foam back blackout curtains 

Foam blackout curtains have soft foldes, but these curtains do not offer 100% blackout.

  • Thermal-lined blackout curtains 

Thermal blackout curtains have the property to trap the heat, thereby increasing the temperature of your place. But they do not guarantee complete blackout

  • Privacy-lined blackout curtains 

These curtains are made of cotton and use polyester to block the light, they offer a soft and complete blackout look.

Best ideas for blackout curtains 2020

In 2020, natural materials, for example, silk and linen-cotton having natural prints are in demand. You can go for any curtain of your choice that fits best to the interior. But if you are not aware of the trends, this selection can be a tiring task. We have arranged a list of ideas to help you find the suitable clothes according to your need and budget:

  • Bamboo curtains are in trend, these are available at cheap rates and in a number of varieties. These curtains are easy to maintain and install. 
  • Flax printed blackout curtains have beautiful prints, these curtains can be used in nursery and kid’s room to make them look more vibrant and lively. 
  • Plain curtains fit into any interior design perfectly and give the place a unique, perfect and  finished look. These curtains need a little care because of their plain structure they can get dirty easily.
  • Thermal insulated blackout curtains block the major portion of heat from getting in and out, maintaining the temperature both in summer and winter. You can also call these curtains “energy saving curtains” as well.
  • Room darkening blackout curtains block all the harmful rays of sunlight and help to reduce the noise making the room dark. These curtains do not require any special care and are easy to maintain. 
  • Rod pocket curtains offer a complete blackout, make the room perfect to sleep providing a complete blackout and privacy meanwhile controlling the noise. These curtains are made of cotton, chenille and linen. They are available both as lined and unlined curtains.

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