Difference Between Eyelet Curtains And Pencil Pleat Curtains

It is not a simple choice to select the appropriate curtains for the bed. Many such designs, materials, and titles can confuse you instantly! When selected appropriately, curtains will automatically alter the whole bedroom décor and establish your home’s ideal tone.

Curtain captions are one of the decisions you would have to address during your curtain-selection trip. We’ll show you the variations between two of the most widely used ones: Pencil Pleat and Eyelet Curtains.

What are Pencil Pleat Curtains?

Eyelet Curtains

The traditional style header for curtains is Pencil Pleats. It comprises of firmly collected bends that maintain three rows of rope twisted through the leading tag to preserve their shape. They can thus be adjusted to the breadth of the window. 

The smartest way about such curtains would be that they fit all sorts of trains and supports, and will give any area a stylish and elegant appearance, rendering them the most popular selection for many people. Often, though, you can probably wind up with inconsistent pleats or string breaks. Like the Eyelet Curtains, they are also not as convenient to place.

What are Eyelet Curtains?

Eyelet Curtains

Rather than the traditional heading tape, Eyelet is a modern curtain leading layout characterized by large metal plates at the edge of the curtain. With gentle shallow pleats flowing in forehead standardized lines down the material, this contemporary aesthetic is also floor length. 

It’s great to carry the eyelet curtains, just pass the rope through all the eyelets. They can be included in dining rooms, living areas, and apartments. They are not, though, ideal for curtain tracks, valleys, or glass walls.

Benefits of using pencil pleat curtains

  1. They produce tidy and uniform pleats that create a ceremonial appearance. The pleated leading also brings to the position an exquisite and traditional touch. This is why it is suggested for houses that have a traditional inside.
  1. But that does not indicate that they should not be found in modern design, and they can even be applied to your modern buildings with the advice of a competent interior decorator.
  1. Another advantage of using such curtains is that they can be constructed from any fabric that is bulky and bright. To customize the breadth as required, the pleats can also be lightened to straighten. It makes the whole process of maintenance simple too.

How do Eyelet Curtains work?

To attach the hooks, they have three separate ones and hang them onto the line or post. Any substance such as acrylic, glass, metal, or steel may create the rope and string.

For a more streamlined look, hooks are placed into the same line, which is then glued with the circles of the rod. For more functional versatility and also to improve the elegance of curtains, this enables you to customize various shades and materials. 

Are Pencil Pleat Curtains old fashioned?

Because of their conventional pleats at the edge, many people say that these curtains have fallen out suggest of style. And there is a thumb rule that curtains are antiquated with pleated notations, while the tied and encircled captions are current. 

All depending on where one decides to place them. They look good everywhere irrespective of the place.

Benefits of using eyelet curtains

Eyelet Curtains

  1. Eyelet curtains, give a simple modification. In having to activate or shut them, you can move the curtain by foot at any time. At the edge, the glass or plastic circles appear in varying styles that enable you to add a decorative function. 
  2. Not every textile content could be used for creating eyelet curtains, unlike the pencil pleat ones, these curtains look fine although when constructed of textile materials. Since thick materials help develop folds appear well. 
  3. When comparison to pencil pleat curtains, they give a convenient and aggravating placing. They are also simple to repair and wash. 


Folks think eyelet curtains are contemporary and create a sophisticated look that is updated. But we don’t comply with it. It significantly relies on how and when everyone utilizes it. In any interior, all designs and curtains look just fine. 

Each one has a number of upsides and downsides. The metallic rings of eyelet curtains, for instance, rust quickly, and often fabric drops out of the circles. There will be only one difficulty with pencil pleat curtains that do not have significant drawbacks. 

As eyelets do, they may not offer easy and rapid holding. According to us, for their sophisticated and classic look, if you have enough budget, you can go for pencil pleat curtains, but for those with a small budget, you can select eyelet ones not just for their cheaper price, but also for low cleaning and fresh style. It’s your place, your land, and it’s all about you.

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