3 Popular Fabric Materials for Making the Fitted Sheet

Thinking about a comfortable bed? Where have you ever had the most comfortable sleep? Well, most of us will say, they have experience the best sleeping time in a hotel or guest room. But what makes their bedding comfortable? Mainly, fitted sheet is used in these commercial places for making the bed. A fitted sheets is different from the top sheet. The fitted sheet is made from a piece of soft & absorbent cloth like cotton, Egyptian cotton, & line. These sheets are in rectangular shape having elastic corners. These elastic corners are used to make the fitted sheet fit tightly to the blanket and avoid coming off. Moreover, this keeps the top sheet in place and avoid slipping thus by keeping the bedding wrinkle free & smooth. They stay in contact with the body and absorb the body moisture, which keeps you dry and promote sleeping.

Fitted sheets are made from a number of fabric materials but these fabric materials must have a few common features like absorptivity, softness, anti-slipping, & promote sleeping. In this article we’ll be discussing these different fabric materials & why are they used for making the fitted sheets?

Cotton fitted sheets

fitted sheet

Cotton fabric is a natural fabric material and is the widely used one. It does not contain any synthetic material. It is directly obtained from the cotton seed plant & then processed to make the cotton sheets. The cotton sheets have been used since 5000BC. The cotton fabric has least expensive fibers which makes it affordable for everyone and does not stress the budget of the buyer. The extra-long staples of cotton cost more than the small or regular staples that’s why you’re likely to find them at different rates in market. The different types of cotton are small staple cotton, long staple cotton, extra-long staple cotton, and Egyptian cotton, Pima, Percale, & Supima cotton. Cotton & all its types are famous for making the bedding sets, they are soft and have uniform texture. They do not show pilling and retain their texture even after the multiple washes. Moreover, Egyptian cotton sheets get smoother with each wash. 

Among all the types of cotton & all its derivatives, Egyptian cotton fitted sheets stand out. They are the softest and the smoothest, which do not show pilling and offer great comfort. Moreover, they can absorb the body moisture well, keep the body dry & maintain its temperature to the moderate well.

Linen Fitted Sheets

Linen Fitted Sheets

Linen is obtained from the faux plant & is chemically organic. Linen fitted sheets are exceptionally soft, cool, & absorbent even more than the cotton fitted sheets. Linen fitted sheets are comfortable and twice soft & strong than cotton. They are easy to clean and maintain, can be hand/machine washed and dry cleaned. These sheets hold the color tightly and do not let it go even after the multiple washes and extensive usage. Linen fitted sheets are excellent repellent of heat which tend to keep the body cool at night and help the sweaty sleepers to cool down and sleep comfortably. Moreover, linen fitted sheets do not get damage due to sun exposure. The only disadvantage of using the linen fitted sheets is, they tend to get wrinkled quickly & need frequent ironing. You may also like to visit here for buy the super king bedding.

Poly Cotton Fitted Sheets

Poly Cotton Fitted Sheets

Poly cotton is the blend of polyester and cotton having the properties of both cotton & polyester. It is a synthetic fabric material made by fusing the fibers at the yarn stage. This fabric material gets the softness from the cotton and the durability from the polyester. Mixing the two fabric enhance their features incredibly and complement each other. Poly cotton fitted sheets have are breathable, strong, robust, durable, wrinkle resistant, & stain resistant. These fitted sheets have super absorbent properties which help you to sleep comfortably during summer. Due to all these features they are used widely in the commercial places like hospitals, hotels, and guest rooms. They are easy to maintain & do not need shrink, fade, or rip. Moreover, poly cotton fitted sheets are cheaper than cotton and Egyptian cotton fitted sheets & provide you more benefits.

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